The MOBA genre is sometimes compared to MMO games however this is a relatively bad one; Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games do not fit the standard requirements of a MMO yet some people still claim MOBA is a sub-genre.

MOBA is actually a sub-genre of real-time strategy; the aim of the game is to destroy the opposing team's main structure. The main fighting occurs in “Lanes” which are direct routes to the enemy base and are where the computer controlled units march to the enemy base. Along the route there are various obstacles in place to slow each teams progress to the objective.

This is currently one of the most popular online games for both casual and competitive level play; thousands of new players join the fight every year and hundreds of these move forwards into the competitive scene.

All MOBA games are PvP orientated and players fight in two teams against each other alongside computer controlled units; they also contain a PvE mode where a team of players can fight against AI and usually a ranked mode for competitive players. While they all have these modes, some of them also have their own unique modes which make them stand out.

Real-time strategy has been blended together with action to create one of the most popular genres ever created; the genre is still developing and new games are released every year. These games have strong communities filled with passionate players making them great for social PvP lovers.